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Another Disheartened DIL December 19th, 2008 12:16 PM

GG had to move again
My GG (great-grandmother) hasn't been doing too well. Her Alzheimer's is really progressing and the place she was had said months ago that we needed to find somewhere else for her. She was needing more and more assistance and began getting up in the middle of the night, pacing the main halls while removing clothing. GT (her daughter, my grandmother) began looking at Alzheimer's homes and hired someone to stay in GG's room with her from 7 pm to 7 am.

They had a room open up this past week at the one she chose so we had to move her. We had to trick her to get her there-it's so sad. GT had me act like we were just meeting for lunch and when I got to GG's apartment, GT "informed" me that GG's doctor wanted GG to check into a clinic for a few weeks for observation and so they can adjust her medication. I think GG suspects it was just a story-she looked so sad and kept tearing up.

After lunch we drove to the Alzheimer's home. We took a tour and unpacked her clothing. My aunt stayed with her a little while longer while GT and I slipped out to go back to GG's apartment to begin sorting and packing. In three years, GG's life possessions have been downsized from a 5 br home of 35+ years, to a 2 br home, to a 1 br apartment, and now to a small room that must be kept as minimal as possible. By 7 pm, we were pretty much ready for the movers that were coming the next morning to take everything to my mother's house.

While we were at the Alzheimer's home, every few minutes GG asked how long she would need to be there. She was so sad and lost. She's still lucid enough to know that she's not mentally well, though my grandmother doesn't want us to tell her that she has Alzheimer's. It broke my heart when GG said that she feels she's become too much of a burden on the family and wishes she would die already. She was once so strong, bright, and confident; this disease has robbed her of herself.

KayKay December 19th, 2008 01:13 PM

Re: GG had to move again
Oh, how heartbreaking. :( I'm so, so sorry for her and for you and your whole family ADD. :(

latelearner December 26th, 2008 09:56 AM

Re: GG had to move again
I'm so sorry ADD - how heartbreaking - I wish for continued strength for you all, how difficult this must be. You are all doing the right thing - the only way you can make your GG happy again is to go back in time and freeze it.

You sound like a very caring great grand-daughter - your GG is more luckier to have you and your family members in her life.

Big hugs.

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