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Kai February 17th, 2014 05:57 AM

What should I do about this friend?
My "best friend" constantly texts me FIRST then just doesn't reply. I put the words best friend in quotes because she just doesn't seem to act like a best friend. Or is it just me? She lived in Connecticut and I live in the NYC and sometimes when she would come into my neighborhood she wouldn't even tell me that she was here.. And now she goes to a dorm in a diff state and she doesn't even text or call me consistently and like I said when she does she just won't reply after I do. Once she came down from her college to my neighborhood about one block from my house and she didn't tell me.. After she texted me asking me where I've been then I told her you came to my neighborhood and you didn't even let me know.. Then she just gives me a ":(" playing the pity roll and never apologizing then I have to change the subject. It's actually getting really annoying recently she didn't reply again so I blocked her number and then she tweets me on Twitter saying " Happy Valentine day to the worst texter in the world. I still love you though" "I've been texting you" "stop neglecting me 😩" I felt bad once again so I unblocked her number and texted her and she doesn't reply but I see her tweet on twitter. It's like an ongoing ****ing pattern. I don't even want to confront her because she'll either not reply or play the victim and it just annoys me so much. It's getting to the point where I don't want to speak to her anymore it seems like she only talks to me when she's either bored or it's convenient for her what do I do? :confused::mad::(

KayKay February 17th, 2014 06:13 AM

Re: What should I do about this friend?
I think it's time to let that "friendship" go. If she only texts you when she's bored or it's convenient, only text HER when you're bored or it's convenient. And make sure you're rarely bored. ;)

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