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Mrs X July 25th, 2013 11:15 PM

My dishwasher died! :(
WAAAHHHH! - Evidence that it started being incontinent, but had an anti-flood device.

Thankfully that anti-flood bit operated properly, but they are a one-shot-wonder device, so that would cost $$$ to fix, and so would the original leak.

Apparently, i can't do without one.

LucyVanPelt July 26th, 2013 04:38 AM

Re: My dishwasher died! :(
I am so sorry for your loss!!!:(

I wish you consolation in your shopping! :D

snafu July 26th, 2013 06:57 AM

Re: My dishwasher died! :(
so what are you looking for? I don't know if you get "Consumer Guide & Report" there, or have something equivelent, but it'd at least have a evaluation of the brands & features

(I want a new washer & dryer, but as ours are still workingish I'm going to "live/shop" vicariously any chance I get :rolleyes::p - did ya catch the "workingish")

KayKay July 26th, 2013 07:12 AM

Re: My dishwasher died! :(
I definitely think that the X Family needs to be eating in restaurants until that leak is fixed!

Mrs X July 26th, 2013 12:00 PM

Re: My dishwasher died! :(
Ha ha ha, thanks everyone! - I bought a 3months online subscription to nz consumer, mostly so the noise ratings are comparable, as there is no "standard". - Our Kitchen/lounge is very open plan, so dishwasher noise will always be an issue. Unfortunately, the quiet ones with the anitflood devices cost twice the amount of the ones that are noisy and unprotected.

Hopefully we have a new dishwasher being delivered today! NOT the same brand as previously.- At least being expensive, i got 15 months interest free + deferred payments. :D I'm hoping this one will last more than 5.5 years.

snafu July 26th, 2013 06:10 PM

Re: My dishwasher died! :(

Originally Posted by KayKay (Post 63668)
I definitely think that the X Family needs to be eating in restaurants until that leak is fixed!

I vote for Miss X &/or Mr X(s) do the dishes - if I ate out daily for a week :eek: my weight would jump

Mrs X July 27th, 2013 01:04 AM

Re: My dishwasher died! :(

Originally Posted by snafu (Post 63681)
I vote for Miss X &/or Mr X(s) do the dishes - if I ate out daily for a 7 :eek: my weight would jump

:D We'd be broke if we ate out all the time!

- Kind of embarrassed about how dependent i am on one. No comment on why they don't do dishes. I struggle to get them to put anything in the dishwasher.......

KayKay June 8th, 2016 12:31 AM

Re: My dishwasher died! :(
The KayKay family has been without a dishwasher for a week now. A loud pop followed by the subsequent discovery of a string on the floor ("What's this?" *pull*) and the Internet was being consulted to diagnose the problem.

I ordered the part and when it came in (after four days of leaking) I started to pull the dishwasher out from under the counter to fix it. Suddenly I had the stark realization that the pipe which leads water to the dishwasher wasn't flexible (like the pipe in the "How to repair" YouTube video) and was copper instead. Recent experience has taught me that a copper pipe that is inappropriately torqued will wear down and leak (can you say foundation repair?) and I got scared into calling a repairman.

Fortunately, I know an appliance repairman who will come in his personal time and charge me a flat fee (much cheaper) for the repair if I already have it diagnosed and supply the part. I called him, he came yesterday. He fixed the problem in about 15 minutes, but then discovered while he had the dishwasher pulled out, that it has another problem - a leak. He told me what part to order and to call him next week when it gets here.

Sigh. I do NOT like hand washing dishes, especially with the water turned off to the kitchen sink.

Knot2loud June 9th, 2016 07:22 AM

Re: My dishwasher died! :(
Never cared for plumbing work myself - there's not a lot of space to work in.

You could ask him to install a shut-off specifically for the dishwasher line if you wanted. That way if the problem ever crops up again you will still be able to use your sink faucet. I did that at my old house. Won't do it at this house until I get a new dishwasher or have a leak.

Swiss140 June 9th, 2016 07:51 AM

Re: My dishwasher died! :(
Sorry, KayKay, to hear about your dishwasher problems hope the new fixes last along time.

I used to have 6 dishwashers, alas I now only have three,. :( And those three have been way to busy lately to do the dishes, soo they are piling up, I guess this dishwasher will have to do them when he gets home from work.

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