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Knot2loud October 9th, 2013 06:53 AM

The Grandkids...
Yesterday evening my wife and I had the pleasure of having the gkids over for an overnight stay while mom and dad went out on a date. One of the boys brought his microscope and the other brought his Wii Football game. The 2-yr old brought her favorite stuffed animal - a puppy.

They arrived promptly at 6pm. Crashing up the stairs and loudly announcing themselves, dropping their stuff in the middle of the living room floor, running to the kitchen, opening the fridge and grabbing the tupperware bowl of grapes and trying to consume as many as their mouth can hold. The little one began chasing each of our three dogs in no specific order, all the while saying "goo-girl" in her attempt to grab one just to give it a hug. Our Chihuahua will have nothing to do with this little human trying to touch her so she runs into the bedroom and hides under the bed for the next 3-4 hours. The Jack Russell, on the other hand, is more than happy to see her because she'll play ball with her until our grand daughter hides the dogs tennis ball.

We looked at bug wings, human hair and a drop of water from my wifes plant pot that has been filled with water for quite some time. They really liked the water one because of the little things they saw moving around. My wife was a bit surprised, but that's what happens with standing water when plant roots are growing.

The other boy was playing football and having a pretty good time of it - touchdown after touchdown... Final score: New Orleans 110, St Louis 0.

Most of the evening was a blur, but the most memorable was sitting in the family room watching an episode of Caillou (animated kid show) and all three of them were on the sofa with gma and me. The 9 yr old was picking his toe nails, the 8 yr old was twirling his hair and peeling skin off grapes with his teeth and the 2 yr old was picking her nose while very intently watching Caillou. Gma was eating her ice cream bars and I was watching all of them. The boys konked out between 8:30 and 9pm, the baby fell asleep sometime aroud 10pm (dad let her take a long afternoon nap). We had to laugh about that one.

Prescious moments in time. Gotta love it!

KayKay October 9th, 2013 09:09 AM

Re: The Grandkids...
That's so heartwarming! You are a lucky man, K2L.

Mrs X October 9th, 2013 10:38 AM

Re: The Grandkids...
Sounds like a sweet moment in time. :)

Knot2loud October 10th, 2013 08:10 AM

Re: The Grandkids...
So I get home from work yesterday afternoon, walk in the door and am greeted by three barking dogs and my 2-yr old gdau who is jumping up and down with a big smile on her face and saying "PA! PA!" I get donw on my knees and give her a hug and start talking to her and she starts telling me all about her day in her baby talk. She tries really hard to talk well - she's so sweet. She showed gpa her little tin box with her three special figurines: A bunny, a squirrel and a little girl. Then she showed me the picture she colored. I asked her if I could keep it and she said "DA" - which means: Dad. I said: "that's fine, your dad will be very happy to get this beautiful picture you made special just for him." Then she wanted me to watch Caillou with her.

About that time one of the boys came in and jumped on my back. I was surprised to see him because he's usually not home from school yet. I asked him and he said he had a sore throat. Then the other boy came in and I asked him and he said he had a stomach ache. My wife just smiled. Gotta love it. :)

We visited for a bit on the sofa, everyone sort of doing their own thing. About a half hour before their mom was to pick them up I put all of them to work picking up their toys. I think they were ready to go home after that. I know my wife was ready for them to go home. She looked like she had a busy day.

Dinner at a restaurant sounded like a good idea so I suggested it and my wife decided to order and pick it up instead.

Knot2loud December 31st, 2013 06:24 AM

Re: The Grandkids...

Some time back my youngest gson told his gma that he wanted to make costumes. Then a little later on he expressed the same interest. So my wife decided to purchase a sewing machine earlier this month for the little guy. My wife sews and shes pretty good at making clothes, etc...

So yesterday she picked up our gson and went to the local sewing shop, picked up some material (that he chose), a sewing box (actually a tackle box - best sewing boxes on the planet) and some other sewing supplies. She got the little guy to the house and got him started with straight lines, corners and just basic how to stuff. THe little guy made a pillow for his 2 yr old sister. I was at the hosp visiting my mother and rcvd a text from my wife along with a photo of our gson holding the pillow he made - literally hugging it and the look on his face was absolutely prescious. I could see in his eyes how happy and proud he was that he made that pillow. I immediately called home and asked for my gson. He got on the phone and I told him what a great job he did making that pillow and how proud I was of him.

Later, my wife told me when she brought him home with the pillow he made, they were in the car and he put his hean on his gma and said: "I love you grandma. Thank you!"

Grandchildren are so special.

We had to stop by a little later that evening (picked up something from the store for our dau's family). We went in for a short visit and his little sister (whom he made the pillow for) was so proud of the pillow her older brother made that she made a point to show it to gma and I.

I love those kids. So, so special...

LucyVanPelt December 31st, 2013 06:52 AM

Re: The Grandkids...
I love it!

KayKay December 31st, 2013 08:37 AM

Re: The Grandkids...
Your grandkids are so lucky to have you. :)

Cremebrulee June 19th, 2014 11:12 AM

Re: The Grandkids...
beautiful stories, loved reading, thank you for sharing...:D

Knot2loud July 22nd, 2014 06:46 AM

Re: The Grandkids...
We have an old cell phone which we gave to our almost 3 yr old Gdau. I charge it up periodically so she can play with it. She loves it! Well, this morning I saw the phone and I picked it up and was looking through the menu. My wife told me our 8 yr old Gdau was taking photos with it so I went to the menu and started looking at the photos she had taken. I got to this one photo and had to laugh... It was a photo of my gdau's potty chair on the sofa with my almost 3 yr old gdau standing on the potty chair posing. Gotta love em'.

KayKay July 22nd, 2014 08:29 AM

Re: The Grandkids...
Awwww. :D

LucyVanPelt July 22nd, 2014 02:06 PM

Re: The Grandkids...
That's one to save for the wedding! :D

Knot2loud July 25th, 2014 07:31 AM

Re: The Grandkids...
Finished with the swimming lessons yesterday. Both moved up to the next level. Next year we're going to get the youngest in - she'll be 3 1/2. We've been going to the public pool about once every couple of weeks. That little girl is like a fish - no fear of the water at all. The oldest gson bowed out this year - he made it to swim team last year and wanted to play soccer instead.

KayKay July 25th, 2014 04:37 PM

Re: The Grandkids...
He wants to play soccer instead of swim... in the summer. Hmmm. It must not be as hot where you are as it is where I am. :D

Knot2loud July 28th, 2014 06:20 AM

Re: The Grandkids...
He made "Swim Team" (Level 5) last year. All they do is swim laps for 45 minutes. The other two passed level 3 last Thursday. It's kind of neat watching their progression every year. Next year, if mom allows it, we'll be enrolling the youngest into swim lessons (she'll be three). We've been taking her (and the other gkids) swimming about once a week. She's not afraid of the water and she knows when to hold her breath.

Knot2loud September 15th, 2014 06:25 AM

Re: The Grandkids...
Taking my 10 yr old Gson home yesterday evening after watching a Football game... He usually changes the radio station. However, there was a song playing that I like... Gotye - Someone that I used to know...

Gpa - I like that song... (Tuning it back to that station..)
GSon - Why does every adult I know like that song?
Gpa - Because every adult can relate to it in one way or another.
GSon - (His reaction was a smile)

After the song was over I turned it to his favorite radio station...

Knot2loud February 25th, 2015 12:56 PM

Re: The Grandkids...
Gdau is almost four now... Talks... a lot. Everyday when I get home she asks me: "Gpa - Pony Party?" I comply almost every single time.

She's getting quite creative with the "pony talk" now. She get into a regular dialog with me on "how're you doing, 'what are you doing,' where are we going'" thing.

Went home for lunch today. She told me a story about her and her dad walking the dog and meeting another person along the way. She pet the dog, got it's name... "swimming pool" (original) and told me about her and her brother sneaking into the pantry and getting chocolate bars.

Gotta love 'em. :)

Mrs X February 26th, 2015 10:07 AM

Re: The Grandkids...
Cute age! DD used to tell me stories at that age about her day as well. She was also quite open about embellishing them for my better entertainment!

Knot2loud March 10th, 2015 06:27 AM

Re: The Grandkids...
Tried to teach her how to play 4-square yesterday... Set up a chalk line on the driveway, had Gma, GSon, her and myself. Using this huge ball - very light weight... GSon bounces the ball to her square, she catches it, runs to the end of the driveway and yells: "TOUCHDOWN!"

Awesome! Gotta love it!

Knot2loud March 10th, 2015 01:33 PM

Re: The Grandkids...
Called home during lunch today. GDau wanted to talk to GPa.

GDau: Gpa, you come home and we have a "Pony Party?"
GPa: I can't sweetie, GPa's at work.


She learns fast...

snafu March 10th, 2015 03:00 PM

Re: The Grandkids...
so is grandpa a "brony" :)

Knot2loud March 17th, 2015 11:02 AM

Re: The Grandkids...
That I am.

I play the "Dollar Game" with all of them. I take a dollar bill... a dollar bill has eight numbers. I start with the youngest and ask her to guess a number between zero and nine. Each one gets a turn, but I randomly pick a different digit for each turn. I do this until one them guesses the right number and wins the dollar. The game can go on for quite awhile - sometimes it doesn't.

It works great when my wife and I bring them to a restaurant and they begin to get restless. It's amazing how well they behave during the game.

KayKay March 17th, 2015 11:44 AM

Re: The Grandkids...
I wish I had known about that game when my kids were little ones getting restless in restaurants! :)

Knot2loud March 17th, 2015 02:17 PM

Re: The Grandkids...
We stumbled onto it one day when we had all five at IHOP. They were going nuts after consuming large amounts of sugar with their pancakes and French toast. I pulled out some 1's and thought... DING! Okay kids... Pick a number between 0-9.

I could see that dollar sign in each of their pretty eyes. The game was on!

Knot2loud March 31st, 2015 06:34 AM

Re: The Grandkids...
Youngest GDau (almost 4yr) was tested for preschool (some kind of preschool program where if the child meets a certain criteria the parents don't have to pay for it). Well, dad picked her up and brought her to the place and she was tested...

They said she was to advanced for the school to do her any good. GO Grandma!!! All those workbooks and flashcards paid off! Unfortunately, mom and dad will have to pay for preschool if they want her to go.

I'm not certain what they'll do - or even my wife at that matter. She has mentioned that she's burning out in watching the GKids. Can't blame her. She's done it for almost a decade now. It's tough work.

KayKay March 31st, 2015 03:16 PM

Re: The Grandkids...
As long as mom and dad don't hit you up for the preschool tuition. ;)

Knot2loud April 1st, 2015 06:44 AM

Re: The Grandkids...
Mom and dad (Gma too) want to get her in for the socialization. Makes sense, but she does have four other siblings aging from 9-18. That seems like plenty of socialization.

I stay out of those decisions... It's easier just being grandpa and having pony parties at the pony pad.

Knot2loud April 15th, 2015 07:04 AM

Re: The Grandkids...
My GSons like to make bets with each other. There is this ongoing competition they have and sometimes it gets a bit out of hand - like this one...

GSon 1 is fast on his feet and wiry. GSon 2 isn't so fast, but he has plenty of muscle.


Both boys like to initiate bets. So he tell his brother that he can get past him with a football. So they make two lines - Edge of driveway is the starting point and the finishing point is a tree about 30 feet from the edge of the driveway. I wasn't aware of what was really going on because I was busy with my almost 4 year old GDau. Anyway, the bet was $10. GSon 2 made it past GSon 1 and won the bet. I heard GSon 1 tell his brother: "Double or nothing."

Now GPa enters the picture... "What's going on?" They explain it to me. Now I know that their Mom does NOT agree with this gambling thing so I have to back up Mom. But, their at GMa's and GPa's... We're liberal. Uh.. Huh.

Lesson time...

GMa's in on this too... GMa tells the boys to "Shake on it." They do and the bet is on. Both boys get ready; GMa says "GO!" They crash head on and GSon 1 falls to the ground, grabs his brothers leg and GSon 2 drags him to the finish line. Now GSon 1 owes his brother $20. GSon 1 says: "Double or nothing." He takes his shirt off. GSon 2 is counting his cash in his head. He's reluctant to do this again, but finally agrees.

Both boys get ready... GSon 2 charges out, GSon 1 reaches out to grab his brother, GSon 2 hits him, spins and blows past him to the finish line. GSon 1 is crushed. He is now in debt to his brother $40 and he's crying. GSon 2 is relishing his potential earnings. GMa and Gpa are chuckling because we now that when Mom get here she's going to nullify all bets.

Mom pulls up and GSon 2 tells his Mom. Mom says: "No! I told you guys about betting! All bets are off! This is NOT going to happen anymore!" GSon 2 begins to cry.


I get home. Boys are there. We all go outside and do our normal thing... GDau rides her bike and the boys and I toss a football around. Nothing is said about the day before. No anger, no nothing. Just a couple of brothers playing together.

Business as usual.

I don't think they'll make dumb bets like that anymore. It's no longer allowed at my home.

Knot2loud May 11th, 2015 01:03 PM

Re: The Grandkids...
My wife and I ordered a swing set for our GDau. It came in today and is sitting in a box on our driveway right now. Our GDau is, and has been, very excited about it getting here (she's almost four years old).

Well, she had GMa call me and tell me it was here. GDau got on the phone and told me to "come home now" and put it together. I had to tell her that GPa can't come home because he's at work. The phone got deafly quiet. GMa got on the phone and told me our GDau just got rejected and was hugging her. We hung up.

About a half hour later GMa sends me a photo of my crying GDau - Awww... To cute. Old GPa broke her heart. Guess she having a challenge with the word "now."

Looks like GPa will be getting an earful from his GDau when I get home.

KayKay May 11th, 2015 02:31 PM

Re: The Grandkids...
Thank goodness you weren't there to witness the tears first hand!! I have a feeling a certain GPa would have gotten up out of a sickbed to put that swing together rather than have a disappointed GDau. ;)

Knot2loud May 12th, 2015 06:46 AM

Re: The Grandkids...
She was better when I got home. I explained as best I could that GPa may not be able to get to it until this weekend. She still wanted me to start now. LOL... I side-tracked her by opening the box and we took a very detailed look at all the really neat things that were in it... Spy Glass, Steering Wheel, Slide, Swings, Rock Climbing Grips... That seemed to appease her because she suggested we do the "Pony Party" thing. So we did until her mom picked her up.

I'm certain the cycle will start over again today. My wife even suggested I take a day off to put it together. I'm already taking Wednesday off to help move my DD and her DH. I guess I could get it started Wednesday.

Knot2loud May 15th, 2015 06:48 AM

Re: The Grandkids...
Grand daughter to Grandpa...

GD: Gpa, do my swing set.
Gma: Do you want Gpa to play Pony Party or do the swing set?
GD: Pony Party!
Gpa: If I play Pony Party, then I can't finish the swing set.
GD giving me very serious look... Gpa, you finish my swing set. Now!

She gets up and opens the door for me and says: Go!

Typical female...

Knot2loud May 15th, 2015 08:30 AM

Re: The Grandkids...
Picked up my GSons at the bus stop yesterday afternoon. They decided to fight over who was going to sit in the front seat. Both of them are trying to squeeze into it with their book bags. The older one shoves his younger brother out the door, the younger one grabs him and pulls him out of the vehicle. Both are on the ground on someone's front lawn in a tangle of flying legs and arms.


I tell both of them to put their bags in the front seat and get your butts in the back.

Gotta love 'em...

KayKay May 15th, 2015 01:46 PM

Re: The Grandkids...
But no "typical males" comment? :D

Seriously K2L, it is so fun to hear your stories. You sure adore those grandkids!

Knot2loud May 18th, 2015 06:08 AM

Re: The Grandkids...
Never a dull moment. :)

Typical male comment... "Where's the remote?"

Knot2loud May 18th, 2015 12:39 PM

Re: The Grandkids...

That's been the latest thing since the weather has been pretty nice. Kids get to the house, have a snack and outside everyone goes...

It's either toss a football, play kickball or 4-square. Lately its been the later.

The youngest Gson is rather innovative with the rules... Back stops, cherry bombs, "do-over" if the ball hits your foot, catch the ball if you can (there's a name for that, but I don't remember what it is. His latest has no name, but the server can spin the ball in the air and literally "place" the ball where he wants to - the recipient is guaranteed to "get out" if your unlucky enough to be his target. The only rule I can remember when I was a kid playing the game was "back stops."

I love it when the three year old plays. She gets the ball and runs. Thus ending the game rather effectively . LOL

Go girl!

KayKay May 18th, 2015 01:19 PM

Re: The Grandkids...
DH and I used to play four square with our kids when they were younger. :) I lost every time. :o Good memories.

Knot2loud May 26th, 2015 01:07 PM

Re: The Grandkids...
Oldest GDau graduated HS Saturday. Had a grad party at her house afterwards. Had a very nice time visiting with everyone. Sure am proud of her!

Had the boys and little one over Monday evening while mom and dad had a well deserved date night. Kids were "wound for sound." I think they filled up on sweets before they came over.

KayKay May 26th, 2015 04:39 PM

Re: The Grandkids...
Congrats to your GDau for graduating, and congrats to you and DW for surviving the wound up little ones! :D

snafu May 27th, 2015 05:58 PM

Re: The Grandkids...
is grandpa part of the reason they were wound up? hmmm... my DM used to yell at us (when we were kids) for jumping on the beds and taught her oldest GD to jump on the bed

Knot2loud May 28th, 2015 06:29 AM

Re: The Grandkids...
Partly... I do have a tendency to wind them up a bit. Had them over yesterday for a couple hours - waiting for mom and dad to get off work and pick them up. Pulled out the Monopoly game. The little one didn't care for the game (a bit to much for her age right now - Candyland is her forte.

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