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Knot2loud April 4th, 2017 07:17 AM

Want to lose weight?
Watch a few episodes of: "My 600lb Life."

If that doesn't change your mind about overeating... Who knows what will?

My wife and I watch that show. It's terrible what people can do to themselves. Then you have the enablers who succumb to the demands of the 600lb person and feed them large quantities of food that would make an average persons heart explode.

JemStar April 4th, 2017 09:02 AM

Re: Want to lose weight?
^^^^Isn't that show something??

The young people are sad. I've watched a couple episodes then switched over to Hoarders.

I could not understand why, a couple of the parents of morbidly obese kids, the wait for help took so long?

Or, when the camera pans out to kitchen cabinets/fridge, etc and THE CHOICES they make for FOOD? UGH.

Snacks that are NOTHING BUT SUGAR. Yes, we all loves them, but the counters and cabinets were filled with well C R A ___. Pure icky.
Type 2 diabetes in clear wrappers.

Or worse: FAST FOOD! :Unhappy:

KayKay April 4th, 2017 11:12 AM

Re: Want to lose weight?
Overeating can be like any other addiction. :(

In addition to what you said, JemStar, it's sad to me that people eat such unhealthy food because it is so much cheaper and more convenient than the healthy food. I've BTDT and really regret how many times my kids went through a drive-thru for something fried for an afternoon snack on our way to a piano lesson or sports practice.

JemStar April 7th, 2017 01:49 PM

Re: Want to lose weight?
I just can't understand parents not taking action when their child is spiraling out of control with any type of issue. Especially a problem that takes awhile before it is time to call in Dr. Stomach Stapler.

Once the second grader hits 150 pounds - um ... why? Denial?

In some households it appeared it was poor choices as well as overeating.

I can't even begin to count how many functions we would go to with kids and it was food orgy time for the parents, that the kids took in too.

Even at movie theaters? They can't sit and watch a movie for a couple of hours without several trips to the junk food? Is this behavior learned at home or just for special outings?

It is sad.

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