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Re: Just inappropriate or pornographic?

I don't think it was pornographic....but...

here's what I'd do....I'd call the woman and tell her that it seems like our daughters are best buds, and you'd like to meet her for lunch next week, to discuss some things with her....

When you meet you could explain to her that you thought it might be nice to get a handle on each other's perceptions, morals and beliefs...that 4 eyes are sometimes much safer than two.

Express your concerns that your daughters are entering into their teenage years and by the two of you being friendly, you feel at some point it might be beneficial to all concerned.

While your talking you could let her know where your coming from.

I know girls at work who make it a point to meet with the parents of the kids their kids are hanging with. Actually the one gal and parents have formed a pretty strong alliance, for lack of a better word.

Keeps the kids in line to know that the parents are friendly with each other?

anyway, just a thought?

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