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Re: Teaching my son to drive....eeeeeepppppp!!!!!

So its been about a week and my son is doing well.We have been starting to go onto main rds with traffic lights and large roundabouts etc.Today we had a bit of a scare though....we were driving just around the corner from where we live about 3 streets away and came to a street he has driven down before,when this late model V8 suddenly did a U-turn in front and started coming right at us at full speed!!, he was going around another car on his side of the road back the other way,and came onto our side for about 15 son had slowed right down luckily to a stop because normally is a 50km limit but there were road cones up and there was a police cordon with police blocking the road.I thought it was a breath test check point at first.When this car took off towards us we figured he was trying to escape,we thought it was the police at first because they have plain coloured V8s as police cars here too,but it wasnt, next the police got in their cars to chase him in 3 son stopped the car and pulled over when he saw him coming straight for us and we just waited for the impact,but no the guy turned flipped the wheel at the last moment back onto his side...had we had been doing the 50km limit he would have hit us for sure,not sure if we would have been here now if he had hit us??.....but Im proud of my son he didnt freak out or panic ,he was a little stunned,but said he was fine,he just waited and then we carried on through the road block.....I said now there is your first lesson in anything can happen anywhere at any time!!!....I just said stay calm and recover and concentrate and carry on......phew!!!! what an afternoon!!!....I hope they caught him.

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