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Smile Hello to all

I am a 69 yo married lady with a large dysfunctional family I am finally learning to cope with. That includes my 3 children, my 5 grandchildren, 2 sisters and their off spring and a husband of 29 years, the love of my life.
I was a nurse for 42 years, for 35 I specialised in Palliative care, Family counseling and wound Management in aged Care Facilities and although I was extremely good at my craft, between family issues, and work, I had a breakdown in 2014
It has taken all these years to recover and I am proud of where I am mentally, today.
However, the circumstances of our lives have left us with very few friends, none of them are family and I am lonely; so is my husband but he is so stoic.
I have just gotten to the point of looking at our lives and wondering what we are going to do with ourselves before we become hermits.
I have started by choosing to make useful thing for abused women's shelters. I've made toiletries bags and but due to ill health and a change to our finances, I'm simply donating the goods I have, probably about $500.00 worth of toiletries but the costs of shampoo and deodorant has shot up beyond my reach. I'm starting to make book cushions which have a pocket to put a book into and you turn it over and use it as a pillow when you read it. I love the children's versions and am just starting to make these for women as well. My instincts tell me that this may be the start of a new life and acquaintances.
Well thank you for looking at my scribbles, let's see where it takes me/us.
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