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Re: Right or wrong and what to do?

Originally Posted by KayKay View Post
Do you still live with your father? I'm afraid I didn't understand that part. If they are married, does she not live with you?
Yes, in our country it is normal for single working adults to live with their parents until they get married and buy a new house. I'm in my late 20's so the government doesn't allow citizen below 30s buying a house. My 2nd eldest sister is in her early 30s but she still couldn't buy a house cuz she is single. Unless she collaborates with me to buy a house. No, we can't buy a house using our main bank account. We need to use another account the governement has set up for us to buy it. Unbelievable, right?

Yes, that woman lived with us but she got her own house so dad frequents over there than over here. I don't know why she wants to come here...I mean she got her own messy house. >_>'' don't mess up my house, bruh, I ain't ur maid and I don't want to be a copy of you.

Funny story:

Dad came home and said to me 'Aw, man, your stepmom's house is a mess!'
Me in my thoughts ' are messy too dad.'

these people are so weird. They don't like messy places but they are the first person to litter in the house. >
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