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Re: Extremely sketch -- new tenant and his "hobby?"


I closed the security door at 1130 pm on Wednesday -- after finding it open when the last quickie visitor left the apartment downstairs and I then sent a detailed message to management. Date/time stamp noted.

I mentioned "uninhabitable" just once in reference to the bags of trash "they" leave in the halls for days, the reluctance to clean after pet ever, the security door being left open for their many visitors - that stay a very short time some just standing in hall -- and my suspicion that there is marijuana being sold due to the many quick visits of these different people to that apartment and the awful smell of weed in the hall that finds its way to my apartment, ever since they moved in. First the dog messes, then the weed smell, then the garbage, then the security door no longer secure.

I stressed that Having a SECURITY door was something I sought in a complex, and before they moved in - it was so. Always closed.

Well, today is usually leave big white bag of paper plates, cups, etc in hall day, and there is NONE. woohoo. The security door that requires a key to enter hallway is CLOSED and has been all day yesterday and most of today. YAY! THERE IS NO STINK. NO SMOKE ODOR anywhere. My super sniffer cannot detect any.

I am not sure if management spoke to them. But something good happened. I feel It would be bliss for the STONERS to feel this place is not conducive to healthy drug dealing and they move away...but I am at peace.
This conman seems to have a reason--loophole ?-- for every broken rule/reg of the lease.

I didn't bring up that I feel his mother signed the lease - or whoever the woman was that helped him move in mattress set, dresser and TV, so he has somewhat of a loophole and they can go after her. For there is no proof.

But for now - things are GREAT!

Merry Christmas to all.
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