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Re: Here we go again with the step mother to be

Thanks for your perspective, KayKay, I was going to further clarify that I texted only her, but I see you did catch that and updated.

When she and I got into a disagreement last summer, she tried to make GS eat lettuce salad at a family picnic. He was sick. It turned out he had strep throat which he has had three more times since then. She says he likes salad and makes himself sick just because he can get away with it and thinks someone like Grandma will rescue him. I know he likes lettuce salad but I'll bet it is not on anyone's list of something to eat when that sick. I would never make a kid with a sore throat eat lettuce and in fact yes I would baby them with soft, easy to swallow food.

She was angry with me (about rescuing him from eating lettuce with strep throat) and tried to do the "lets argue by text" thing and I called her and made it (what I thought was quite clear) that I wanted to TALK it out rather than text it out. Things smoothed over and yet I have seen her force him to eat salad yet another time when he had strep throat. I shut my mouth, recognizing everything you said, KayKay is true and I have to try to look at her good points (which she has many) and try not to let my loving maternal instincts get in the way of what she does with GS. I think right now, I am more upset that she insisted on texting the group text to me, the kids' mother and step father, rather than just call me to discuss.

I am not sure whether I did the right thing or not in standing up for myself, saying her text was hurtful and mean. I certainly have not changed my mind in feeling hurt and that she was mean (about that) but maybe I should have just lumped it down and never expressed that to her. If she had answered her phone the two times I tried to call her I still think it could have been dealt with better. I know from experience I can tell someone what they said was "hurtful and mean" and it does not have the same impact as when you put it in text. I HATE TEXTING FOR THIS PURPOSE. I really do and this case just makes me feel even more that way than I did before.

But tonight I texted her an apology and she seemed to accept it so I guess life goes on.
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