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Friends and Their Pets... [Need advice!]

hi guys, I need some advice, as the title says. My apologies if this ends up being a little long...

I have a friend who I've known for over ten years. We've taken pauses in our friendship over various things in the past, but for a long while had no issues.

Recently, this friend of mine got herself a dog. I love dogs and couldn't wait to meet him. The problem seems to be that this friend has gone to the extreme - she's had her dog over two months now and refuses to leave her house [she's even fallen out with her manager as he wouldn't let her work from home], and insists on either coming to mine or me going to hers rather than meeting for coffees in town as we used to.

Let me repeat, I do love dogs. Various family and other friends have them and I have never had any issues with them.

However; my other friends and family know my bounderies. I have two cats at home, one of which is very nervous and takes time to trust people. I've before allowed this friend to bring their dog around, but after they came around a couple of times, it was clear that I'm really not comfortable with it. Their dog is always on the lead when they come around, but constantly tries to go into other rooms [as pets naturally do], which is a problem as my home is small and the main room the dog seems to try to escape to is the one the cat is in.

My other issue is that this dog is used to being allowed up on the sofas. I allowed it once when my friend invited herself to stay the night [with the dog], but since then have stated I don't want the dog to be allowed on my sofas. My friend agreed, but the dog still tries to get up on them, and constantly goes up on the poufle /ottoman, which I don't actually agree with but whenever I ask my friend to stop it, they just roll their eyes.

It's getting to the point where I don't want to let this friend around, as it means every time they do come round I have to move things so the dog doesn't try to chew/sit/try to eat something it shouldn't, and my cats end up hiding on the top of the wardrobe till the friend [who they used to like] runs away. They won't leave their dog at home as they claim the dog barks when they aren't there and has seperation anxiety.

What do I do? It's stressing me out and it's stressing my pets out.
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