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Re: Friends and Their Pets... [Need advice!]

I think your friend is dealing with some unresolved issues...imo.

Why the reason for not leaving the house? THe pet?

Perhaps a "HOW TO TRAIN..." book could be suggested? Pets, like kids - and most adults NEED TO KNOW THEIR BOUNDARIES.

She could have an amazing pet with patience, training, and all that. There is no reason a dog can't stay in a kennel/cage for a time here and there. Actually, when they are younger, I have read they feel safer. My two would follow me down the stairs to family room where their cozy little condo under a sofa table had their comfy bedding *that could be washed in HOT water and dried* just waiting for them. It was so cute how they would jump into their cages.

No one likes a bratty pet.

Maybe invest in some chux liners? Absorb moisture. NO scent! But insist on a CAGE. To keep pup safe. Or, suggest an airbnb, hotel, etc.

Best of luck to you!!!
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