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Re: friend?

You know what, madcap, I'm not going to think negatively of you.

The reality is that we spend a lot more time with our coworkers than we do our families. Developing a crush on someone is normal, married or not. Developing an emotional attachment with someone is normal, married or not.

So, everything that you are experiencing is normal.

But, now comes the hard part, you're very wise to recognize that the timing is all wrong. Luckily you've recognized that your relationship with your wife is pretty permanent because you'd never think of leaving her. So, you have nothing to really offer this other woman.

And this other woman has nothing to offer you if she, too, is happily married. A few stolen moments would never be enough or satisfying.

In this case, I'd say that you should stop torturing yourself. Stop tempting fate because you will end up making a fool of yourself, hurting your wife and children, her, her husband, and children.

It's always nice to have one on reserve, a little dream makes you feel young and vibrant. But you're not being fair to anyone, mostly yourself.

Time to kiss your friend goodbye, I think. If it's really meant to be, then let time work it out. In the meantime, turn your thoughts and attentions to your wife and children. Don't let that time get away.
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