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Re: U.S. Open

I'm sure she will be back. But there will only ever be one "first".

I don't know enough about tennis rules to know if Serena had a valid point or not as far as the disparity between judging men's matches versus women's. But even if she did, the time to make that argument isn't in the middle of a match. The ref was, from what I could tell, appropriately applying the rules that are on the books. If those rules need to change, so be it. But they aren't going to change in the middle of a match, and the ref doesn't owe her an apology for enforcing them. Her coach admitted coaching her from the sidelines, and it was clear that she broke her racquet. Those are against the rules, Serena knew that, and she didn't want to get punished because men don't get punished for that? That doesn't make sense to me. "Yes, officer, I'm driving drunk, but my friend drove drunk last night and you didn't stop her, so you can't take me to jail." I think Serena let her frustrations get the best of her. She's a fierce competitor, so I can understand that. I didn't like it, but I could understand that. Nonetheless, to cry sexism and get the crowd booing was wrong. Her opponent is also a woman, and wasn't having any trouble following the rules.

I saw an interview with Naomi Osaka from the following morning. She said she didn't know what was going on because she had her back turned when it was happening. She was very gracious about the whole thing.
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