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Re: What does your teen pay for?

So true Lucy. I think the important thing at this age is to keep kids busy working towards something. Whether that's school, sports or a job is irrelevant (unless you can't afford to pay for all those extra me). Our children will get to immerse themselves in a job soon enough and for many years to come. I think it's good if they are just committed to something.

One thing I do worry about though is that inevitable transition from living at home and having to never pay for anything to moving out on their own and having to pay for everything. That's another reason why we are having them start paying for some expenses. I want them to get their feet wet before taking the big plunge. We're also looking into setting up their own checking accounts so they can learn to track their spending and balance a checkbook. I know we're a little late on this but I guess it's better late than never.
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