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Re: In law trouble

Relationships with family members can be very complicated. Kay Kay is correct. The label that may or may not apply doesn't really change the situation. It sounds like your MIL may not be able to support and connect with you in a way that is meaningful to you. Sometimes, we have expectations of people and they are just not able (for whatever reason) to meet those expectations. It is often better to have standards of how we would like to be treated. If a person doesn't meet the standard, we have to place them at more of a distance, and not allow them to have access to our hearts. It doesn't sound like your MIL is able (at least now) to meet your standards. Perhaps, it is time to adjust your expectations. She has probably been that way all of her life. I am wondering how that has impacted your husband and his ability to related, support, and connect with you.
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