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Re: The Grandkids...

My GSons like to make bets with each other. There is this ongoing competition they have and sometimes it gets a bit out of hand - like this one...

GSon 1 is fast on his feet and wiry. GSon 2 isn't so fast, but he has plenty of muscle.


Both boys like to initiate bets. So he tell his brother that he can get past him with a football. So they make two lines - Edge of driveway is the starting point and the finishing point is a tree about 30 feet from the edge of the driveway. I wasn't aware of what was really going on because I was busy with my almost 4 year old GDau. Anyway, the bet was $10. GSon 2 made it past GSon 1 and won the bet. I heard GSon 1 tell his brother: "Double or nothing."

Now GPa enters the picture... "What's going on?" They explain it to me. Now I know that their Mom does NOT agree with this gambling thing so I have to back up Mom. But, their at GMa's and GPa's... We're liberal. Uh.. Huh.

Lesson time...

GMa's in on this too... GMa tells the boys to "Shake on it." They do and the bet is on. Both boys get ready; GMa says "GO!" They crash head on and GSon 1 falls to the ground, grabs his brothers leg and GSon 2 drags him to the finish line. Now GSon 1 owes his brother $20. GSon 1 says: "Double or nothing." He takes his shirt off. GSon 2 is counting his cash in his head. He's reluctant to do this again, but finally agrees.

Both boys get ready... GSon 2 charges out, GSon 1 reaches out to grab his brother, GSon 2 hits him, spins and blows past him to the finish line. GSon 1 is crushed. He is now in debt to his brother $40 and he's crying. GSon 2 is relishing his potential earnings. GMa and Gpa are chuckling because we now that when Mom get here she's going to nullify all bets.

Mom pulls up and GSon 2 tells his Mom. Mom says: "No! I told you guys about betting! All bets are off! This is NOT going to happen anymore!" GSon 2 begins to cry.


I get home. Boys are there. We all go outside and do our normal thing... GDau rides her bike and the boys and I toss a football around. Nothing is said about the day before. No anger, no nothing. Just a couple of brothers playing together.

Business as usual.

I don't think they'll make dumb bets like that anymore. It's no longer allowed at my home.
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