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pregnancy chances

okay, so, i know you guys will probably all be like "oh not again" and please, if youre going to go on about how i shouldn't be being sexually active, then please don't, i don't need to hear it

anyway, so, today it is the 15th of march, and my period was due on the 13th. it's okay, because i'm usually one or two days late if i'm not right on time, but, i still haven't gotten my period.
could a possible cause be that it's been delayed because i have been sick ? from the 6th to the 11th of march, i had diahrrea which included cramping, and a fever on the first day,
im worried though that i could be pregnant. i'm pretty sure i'm being completely irrational. **moderator cut - we don't need to know all of the details. Please see forum rules.** i'm just paranoid now cos my period is late. i'm thinking it could also be delayed due to stress this week because i've been worried i could be pregnant.

however, i have all the normal pms symptoms i get - though they did start slightly later this month than normal (in the last few days of me being ill they began). i have tender breasts, enormous mood swings, an increase in acne and my discharge has a metallic/iron smell to it (like blood), which is what i usually have a few days to a week before my period begins.

just want to know if i'm being ridiculous in worrying

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