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Firstly, let me say that I love dumping most of my thoughts into text. However, I will try to not be redundant or extremely detailed. If I write a lot, I will add a TL;DR at the end.

Secondly, English is not my native language. However, I am studying to become an English Translator, so I will gradually become better at expressing my ideas.

Tres-ly, hi! My name is Martin. I'm old enough to drive, go to jail, and basically do whatever I want. I enjoy most of what life has to offer. I despite intolerance, hate, violence - which I believe has no reason to exist, thus, shouldn't -, and those horrible attitudes one can have, like being a false person, lying, being egocentric, and much much more.

I'm a musician who's slowly building his Youtube channel. My resources are limited, so I can only do so much to upload good content. If you are a musician of any type (specially, singer or beatboxer), you'll earn my instant respect.

I joined this forum not an hour ago from the making of this post. Reason being my stupid, irrational distrust towards my friends. That's why I'll make a post about what happened recently with people I thought were friends.
If you're interested in said subject and want to read an interesting story - which would make for a great plot to a cheesy, corny movie -, look for a thread in the corresponding category titled "Irrational Distrust Towards Friends".

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