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exfriend and how I want to be friends with him again

Ok so during my senior year(fall 2009) I met a guy name Steve. We met in PE class. We had PE class first tri of senior year. Second tri (winter trimester)we had the same lunch peroid and had lunch together everyday in the lunchroom. Third tri(spring tri 2010) we didnt have any classes or lunch together but we kept in touch by having late night convos ie Steve and his friend trevor(who used to be my friend at one point) would call me late at night on the weekends just to talk. It was nice because they were thinking of me and wanting to become better friends with me. We became really good friends during senior year and we kept in touch less in college but november 2010 we talked on the phone and during that time I was talking to a guy that was treating me like a jerk and I told steve and trevor and they called him up and confronted him about it. Not long after Steve blocked me on facebook. I then created a new facebook and I added steve and he accepted my friend request. I then decided to give him space and just talk to him when I saw him at my community college since he transfered there. After I moved to Omaha Nebraska I may have facebook him multiple of times but a year later he deleted me off facebook. During my first semester at a new school he started dating a girl name alicia and we were facebook friends for a while but then he deleted me. Then I had my good friend sam ask steve if I was annoying him, are me and him still friends, and why he deleted me off facebook. Steve told sam that he didnt find me annoying, me and him are still friends, and he took me off because he had too many facebook friends. rumor has it he still has over a 1000 friends on facebook

I heard that it may have been because his gf took me off his facebook for him due to her decision and i hear she is very controlling, and he is still dating this girl. Infact they are engaged

I miss him so much and with so much history of a friendship I had with him I really want to be friends with him again. A part of me wants to tell him that his fiance may have taken me off facebook but a part of me says I should leave it be. I miss him so much. thoughts???????????
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