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Unhappy Visiting my boyfriend (soon to be married) abroad but his parents are coming too!!

So my boyfriend moved to the UK in August for his Doctorate. We've been dating for almost 5 years now and have never been apart this long. We Skype and text often every week. His birthday is coming up so I thought it'd be a good idea as a birthday present to get on the plane and go see good of an idea that apparently his parents had the same one (they didn't know I was also planning that)... but now they know that I'll also be staying there and yet they're telling him they're planning on having breakfasts and dinners (one being his birthday dinner) and going to mass with him throughout their stay in the UK...which is almost as long as mine...and completely disregarding me, knowing fully well that I'm going to be there, which I find it disrespectful. We get along fine, but I don't wanna seem petty and complain to my boyfriend about this, after all they're his parents...but on the other hand I'm only coming to be with him, not so much for the scenery and sightseeing... hopefully someone will have some insight and help me face this the best possible way.
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