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Re: She hates me

Yes I have been thinking about counseling. I really feel as if I need it or something. I try to keep it together around my family. But its like I have this pressure that just builds up. I try to talk about it with SD about how she just make me feel so overwhelmed that I can't fix what's wrong with her and her situation. I feel as if she takes her anger out on me. I ask her if she talks to her BM the way she does me. Of course not is her answer. Her BM has filled her head with lies that we took her from her. That we are the reason she was put in jail and that I'm no one to her. I took care of this child with my husband while BM was in prison. I treat her like she OS my own child. When I introduce my kids to anyone I never say the is my SD I always say these are my daughters. It just seems like the BM tries her hardest to make me look like I'm always in the wrong with anything I try to do or say that has anything to do with SD. I try not to let it get to me. But when my SD seems like she feels the same way towards me. It hurts.
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