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Re: Bugged by Christmas letter

I feel sorry for your Dad. Hes got to put up with a blow hard dragon like that in his ear all the time lol. Dont feel bad about the letter,it was just a lot of twaddle anyway about nothing. Your step mother sounds like she continually rubs people up the wrong way anyway. You are right not to want a relationship with her. Shes making a complete fool of herself,just turn it around and have a laugh.

People can only annoy you if you let them......Last night my husband came home from work telling me my my old boss where he works said something about me,she asked how me and the kids were before going on our trip next week??.Hubby said we were fine.I was quite annoyed she had virtually insulted me to him on the spot by then saying "Oh your wife just worries/ panics about everything now doesnt she?" in a sarcastic tone, he said he didnt take offence and didnt answer her and just blew it off.Instead of just saying something nice,she chose to say that?.She also made comments other times to enquire what I am doing and about being a SAHM which is none of her business.I was so mad when I heard she had the cheek to say that. It was rude, negative and derogatory.
Shes an old bag who even sabotaged a job interview I had I found out later, even after firstly giving me a nice hand written reference,which I now dont use. I left the job abruptly 1. 5 yrs ago due to bullying and intimidation from another staff member shes thinks is so wonderful and I never told them the real reason for leaving,I just left in a nice way sighting medical reasons,I was scared of this girl and her mother who also works there with their gang affiliation actually,many people are,they are directly connected a local notorious gang here,with many family members involved. I was diplomatic due to my husband who has a good job there.The bully and her mother have driven other staff away and my old boss let them do it.I was so traumatised by these people and went through a lot after leaving. It took me a whole year to get over it all....I was also feeling guilty to stay home because I was getting comments along the lines of"oh you are so lucky to just be able to stay at home and oh only one person is earning the money now". People can be so rude about things that are nothing to do with them.

My whole point is,today Im just laughing instead of being angry at my old boss remembering shes a silly old fool who used to harp on that she was some big clothing designer for a very well known fashion lable in the 80s, how she had achieved so much more than others had all to have her cry tears to me about not coping at the helm of her company now,that she made a fool of herself to me actually,she did this daily, I had to endure her unprofessional personal problem rants all the time....random stuff nothing to do with the job or me?.I didnt deserve her negative comments yesterday to my hubby but shes not worth wasting my anger on and will always be that way being nasty about others,because thats who she is.She used to diss staff and customers in front of me frequently.Her comments about me are very reflective of her nasty ways.But yesterday's ones were really random and about nothing lol. My lasting memory is that she's actually a silly old fart, who doesnt know what day it is sometimes.She used to adjust her underwear, doing a major hoist up in the factory in front of 20 people out in the open when she thought no one was looking??!!,and even had the odd top on inside out lol. This is a woman judging others?, I just looked for the funny side lol.Her words are worth less than nothing to me. Im thankful I have nothing to do with her now. I even dodged a morning tea invitation thank goodness.

When you understand the person, you learn to expect no less than what they are only capable of, and thats not much in some cases.

We have to allow people some room to make us laugh sometimes because their tongue is too big for their mouths and their brains dont engage when they talk. Its not their fault they are mentally challenged and cant just keep their mouths closed, making a complete circus of themselves for our entertainment.

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