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Re: Is it appropriate for a married man to be with his ex-wife so frequently?

I'm only asking because of how much this is affecting the kids. Emotionally, they are coming apart at the seams, and this is the reason. They are rather upset that mom and dad ended their marriage because they just could not get along, as they told the kids. And yet, after daddy remarries, now he wants to be with mommy, and be a family and be affectionate with mommy, all the while he has a wife that he just leaves at home. That also bothers them because they can sense what this is doing to their step mom. But I do think that if my brother and his ex are going to have this affair, they should do it in their own private space and away from the kids so as not to confuse them further. Them asking if "daddy is married to both of them" speaks volumes about the situation. That means that they have been affectionate in front of the kids. Which just baffles them. They know what he is doing is wrong. And it affects them. It affects their school work. They honestly need counseling. But, at the end of the day, if three adults want to all want to hop in bed together for a good old fashioned three way, then there is no stopping them. What I want to do is shield the kids from this madness. And if I can at least get them to compromise and have this affair away from the kids, then I can live with that.
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