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Unhappy Re: Cell phone & girlfriend...ugh

Thank you Kay. I am trying. At times his school work does indeed suffer. We closely monitor that and have recently made him turn in phone in when he does his homework. My wife has set up a study area in our den where all homework is to be done. We have found him trying to do his homework while on his phone so the homework area did indeed remedy that for now. His grades have been acceptable thus far since implementing that.

He does not have his driver's license. He is supposed to be getting it in April providing he had enough time behind the wheel. There is a driving log that he is supposed to be filling out to ensure he has adequate time behind the wheel. He has failed to fill that out after reminding him countless times. So we have decided to back off of that for now. Everything goes back to him being super distracted with this girlfriend. Again, another story for later.

Lucy, I agree with you and the dark ages. I could never spend that amount of time on the phone due to be tethered to wall. Plus growing up in the rural setting that I lived, our entire road of (4) houses shared the same line. They called it a "Party Line". So you had to ask whomever was on the phone if
you could use it next. Man I'm old. LOL.

You're also right that I will have to turn this into a learning experience and some serious changes are to take place. You touched on a good point and I am not comfortable with the amount of privacy he has with the phone while in the house. So we are going to make him use it in a public area as well as establish limitations on time with the phone. That should make a big difference.

I have noticed as well that they don't use a lot of typical texting. They use Snapchat almost exclusively. Which really causes concern for me. I am going to turn on the parental features of his phone and begin limiting apps like this that he uses. I've been near his phone when he's received a Snap Chat message and realized his has come from his GF's mother. Which really concerned me which I nipped in the butt immediately. The fact they are texting with Snapchat instead of traditional means is disturbing in among itself. Another story which I will be posting soon for guidance.
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