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Re: Encouraging Parents to Put Final Wishes in Writing

Originally Posted by snafu View Post
My mom has been doing the same type of things - so I feel for you. As my mom is on her own now we don't have to worry about his & hers issues. DH & I have made out wills & have who is to get what of the family stuff - as WE DO have his/hers/ theirs stuff.

I also put in that my OS IS NOT to get custody under any circumstance - (long story - lets just say if she'd had a son she'd be one of the MILs from HELL- and he'd be sooo under her thumb)
With you as an example and don't think your son would go easily under anyones thumb.

I admire that you are on top of your own wills/assets issues. DH and I have talked about wills but have not put it in writing. We have taken care of keeping insurance stuff up to date but don't have anything in the way of assets that would go anywhere but to the surviving spouse. Most of our assets are called bills.

With your ex being in the picture he would get your son if you passed away early right? I think stating definitly that you don't want your OS to get custody is very smart.

DH and I have not put in writing our desires for who would take care of our kids if he and I went at the same time. I think we would want them to go to my folks/relatives but are really hoping it is never an issue. Putting it in writing would be smart though. Good for you for having all your ducks in a row, snafu.

I know you can't will children to others like possesions but the parents wishes and proof of what existing relationship the kids had with various realives would be significant if it ever came to a court case wouldn't it?
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