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Unannounced Adult Step kids stopping over

I am in dire need of advice and I feel so desolate. Hubby has adult 40+ year old son and his wife that come to our house even when were not there. I came home Sunday and they were at our house watching TV and told me they were bored at their apartment and we have better cable.

My husband wasn't home as he was golfing. He thinks it's fine that they come and use our house to wash their cars, borrow his motorcycle and hang out. We live in the Country and never lock our doors. My husband isn't supportive of my complaints. They have come over when I'm in my nightie cleaning, in the shower, sleeping etc..

The step son told me Sunday that he texted my husband like 20 times and got no response so he came over. My husband didn't respond because he WAS AT GOLF.

I called my husband and he said he would be home shortly and they went back in the livingroom to watch TV and wait.

I feel like I can't even have the private enjoyment of my own home. It feels so disrespectful.

This home is a house my husband and I bought togetherand isn't the childhood home of his 44 year old son. HELP!!!
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