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Re: I need another opinion

Hi KayKay,

Sorry to confuse you. We have 2 boys each (4 in total) the eldest ones being 21 and the youngest ones being 16.

He's never given me a reason. All I get is "Blended families don't work. What's in it for my son.... nothing."

He's so worried that his son won't get his own space. A bedroom is not enough, he needs a designated area (like a rumpus) to himself. So, I don't follow his logic either.

His ex wife had a lot of influence over him when we first met, he may be dominate with me, but, he is easily manipulated by her and his son. Not so much by the ex now but, it is nothing to drop everything and just go on a phone call from his son.

Maybe he feels he needs to be a father first? Or he feels guilty if he leaves, but, that is the irony of this situation. I don't want to leave his son out of it. I want his son to be in there as well.

Right now I can bet you that his son will be in his bedroom and my partner is out in the lounge room watching tv or reading his book... Perhaps it's n excuse to get away from me? I don't know. I just feel rejected and not good enough..
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