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Re: I need another opinion

Sometimes I just need to be reassured that my thinking is on the right track. I often feel I am asking too much, then I get moments like tonight where I can hear them playing soccer outside and I am in the next unit too scared to walk out and say hello .. It shouldn't be that way.

It is only me who can change things and the only thing I can change is me. It would make life so much easier if I didn't care. I want to know how I can achieve that...

Maybe, I need to say that we aren't ready for an engagement until he is ready to include me in his family... As I type this, I am saying to myself "it won't matter him, he will be fine with that. He just thought that's what I was wanting."

I don't want any "parenting rights" over his children as we parent very different. It will be an achievement just a spend a night in the same house.

I look forward to chatting to Snafu
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