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It's been so long..

But i'm back now.

Still danish, still married with kids.. Don't have my cats anymore, sadly. Bølle, the old one, got.. well, old.. so i had to do that nasty call to the vet. He lies in my garden now under some nice flowers. And Gunnar? Well, he never accepted the new cats next door, and went on visits there throug her catdoor to get night-snacks.. Not such a good idea, cause he woke the whole house each time. The dog barked and the cats wanted to fight with him and my neighbor had to get up in the morning to go to work.. So i found a new loving home for him.

The husband and i still go fishing.. a lot. And we go camping whenever we can. The kids are doing well.. I'm home-schooling the youngest.

Last time i was here, i thought i was going to get my pension.. But i became a flexjobber instead. It means i work as much as my health allowes me, but i still get the normal amount that normal workers get.
Works for me.. :-D

Hope to chat more soon.. Tonnie.
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