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Re: National School Walkout

Our schools are not commenting here, or at least that I have heard. I don't know how it works with public schools in other parts of the country, but here attendance rates are tied in to funding from the state. It harms the school financially (thus harming other students) to have children absent, so there are very tough truancy policies and great efforts made to get kids to school. Any kids who participate here will be hurting their schools and their peers.

I'm going to disagree with you though. I'm very opposed to the kids choosing to "walkout" of school. I support them having opinions and hey, if they want to protest after school or on a Saturday? Go for it. I think, however, that a society without rules and order is a society going downhill. I worry very much about kids who receive no penalty for breaking rules (any rules). This is a disservice to society and to them. My opinion is that if the kids feel strongly enough, they can break the rules, and take the punishment. That shows more courage and conviction, and I'd respect them so much more for that. Rosa Parks was a powerful agent for change because she accepted the punishment.

I pay a lot in taxes to educate those kids. I want them in their seats in the schools, learning school subjects.

My DD's university was one of those that issued a statement saying that they wouldn't allow any punishments for peaceful protest to sway admission decisions. That rubbed me the wrong way for two reasons. (1) They didn't issue the statement before, say, the March for Life. If they are going to be fine with kids missing school for a cause they believe in, it needs to be all causes, not just certain causes. It's not. And (2) they have basically stated that breaking the law is okay, as long as it's peaceful. Which helps explain the heavy drug use, and lack of subsequent consequences, at the school.
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