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Re: Hello from sunny California

Originally Posted by lilly210 View Post
hello everyone-

I'm not new, however never had the chance to do an introduction. Here I go.

My name is Lilly and live in sunny California. Entrepreneur by day. Youtube watcher, traveler, foodie and adventurer by night.
Married and no kids yet.
Hi Lilly! Nice to meet cha!
I'm Joan, 64, WA State, ~30 years married to a wonderful man, no kids, he has 2 daughters, I'm diabeticT1 since I was 10. The most important thing about me is that I love cats. I have a sanctuary for unadoptable cats. I found homes for the young and healthy kittens/cats I've rescued throughout the years. I keep the sick, old, injured, feral and psychotic cats. They share my home and large cat fenced backyard.
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