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The Grandkids...

Yesterday evening my wife and I had the pleasure of having the gkids over for an overnight stay while mom and dad went out on a date. One of the boys brought his microscope and the other brought his Wii Football game. The 2-yr old brought her favorite stuffed animal - a puppy.

They arrived promptly at 6pm. Crashing up the stairs and loudly announcing themselves, dropping their stuff in the middle of the living room floor, running to the kitchen, opening the fridge and grabbing the tupperware bowl of grapes and trying to consume as many as their mouth can hold. The little one began chasing each of our three dogs in no specific order, all the while saying "goo-girl" in her attempt to grab one just to give it a hug. Our Chihuahua will have nothing to do with this little human trying to touch her so she runs into the bedroom and hides under the bed for the next 3-4 hours. The Jack Russell, on the other hand, is more than happy to see her because she'll play ball with her until our grand daughter hides the dogs tennis ball.

We looked at bug wings, human hair and a drop of water from my wifes plant pot that has been filled with water for quite some time. They really liked the water one because of the little things they saw moving around. My wife was a bit surprised, but that's what happens with standing water when plant roots are growing.

The other boy was playing football and having a pretty good time of it - touchdown after touchdown... Final score: New Orleans 110, St Louis 0.

Most of the evening was a blur, but the most memorable was sitting in the family room watching an episode of Caillou (animated kid show) and all three of them were on the sofa with gma and me. The 9 yr old was picking his toe nails, the 8 yr old was twirling his hair and peeling skin off grapes with his teeth and the 2 yr old was picking her nose while very intently watching Caillou. Gma was eating her ice cream bars and I was watching all of them. The boys konked out between 8:30 and 9pm, the baby fell asleep sometime aroud 10pm (dad let her take a long afternoon nap). We had to laugh about that one.

Prescious moments in time. Gotta love it!
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