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Re: Were We Snubbed at StepFiL's Funeral?

Originally Posted by PeeWeeMomOf3 View Post
I find myself thinking about our family (DH's step sibs), and wondering how they are getting on, keeping them in prayer and so forth. I no longer feel hurt or stung by the "snubbing" I first described, and my DH does not either. I think we all realize it was raw emotions. I know when my own Dad passed many years back, how emotional and challenging it was, I appreciated the folks who checked up on me from time to time.

What I am sort of confused about now is whether or not I should reach out to them, or just quietly let things like contact just drift down to nothing? A "thinking of you" text to one went unanswered, so probably not good to persist, you think?
You are a very kind forgiving person. I wish you were in my family.
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