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Re: I need ideas!

Originally Posted by KayKay View Post
Just to let everyone know what happened...

DH suggested I call BF and just ask her. He said that it wasn't right to do an end run around her even if it was with good intentions. I hate when he's right. He said that she'd never let me do it, but the fact that I wanted to do it would be meaningful to her.

So I called BF this morning and told her that with everything going on, I was wondering if I could relieve her DH of the worry of taking the kids to get M Day cards.

She said "Oh honey, we don't celebrate M Day at our house." Sigh. Before I could protest she said that the kids were making cards at school and that was all she wanted, and before I could protest she went on to tell me that her MIL's situation had gotten really bad overnight.

M Day flew out the window.

But at least she knows I care.
You have a wise husband. He said it much better than I could.

Sorry to hear her MIL is worse. Respect and moral support is the best you can do for her especially if she doesn't want more. Just being there for her like you are is great.
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