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Re: After six years, he tells me he is not divorced...


This is what he claims. That he was not getting any response to his online profile when he stated he was "separated" (which as it turns out is not the case either). He said he opted to change his profile to "divorced" because he thought it would help him to at least communicate with women. I, honestly, would not have responded. I understand your thoughts and I'm trying to believe this is the case, but right now, I am feel used--for sex, for money, for comfort.


I hope this is not the case, but right now--today--I am angry. I feel like he has been very selfish and self-centered. And, once a liar (especially on this super-size me deception), always a liar in my book.

I'm trying to take some time to process, but right now I am feeling very ready to leave. The stress of this news coupled with having to hear about and deal with his stress regarding the actual divorce...I didn't sign up for this.

On the other hand, I feel it will be in my best interest to stay until the house is sold, just to keep close to my investment.

UGH! I know there are much worse situations that I could encounter.
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