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Re: I need another opinion

Maybe that's the issue! OMG why didn't I see this before.

That is why he won't move forward.

We have had brief discussions in regards to our children and what we allow and disallow.

My son has his Learners with his bike, he works a McDonalds 25-38 hours a week. He respects me enough to not touch things that don't belong to him i.e. my car keys etc. I don't allow drinking unless he is at home in which case I will allow him a glass of light beer (special occasions only).. I keep a watchful leash on my son.

His son....

Same age as mentioned before. Uses his father's unit as a party pad whenever he feels the need, practically kicks his father out to come to my unit, has taken his fathers car to go to a friends place, on the very rare occasion my partner and I drink, whatever is in the fridge at my partners unit his son will just take.
Has tried drugs but to what level I don't know.

My partner knows that I wouldn't condone it. That's why he won't let us interact..... That's why he says, "What will my son get out of it."

See, sometimes just talking about it helps. Not that it is any solution but, at least I think I know the issue.
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