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Re: cheaper to buy from one store/shop?

Originally Posted by Annsdil View Post
I start by browsing online to the things I want. That way I can also look at the various reviews and compare prices whilst at home. Then I compare prices online and in local stores, taking into account any shipping costs. I also belong to a cash back scheme so I look at which of the retailers may offer the cashback and see if the cashback makes it any cheaper.

If you are purchasing from shops then you need to take into account whether what you save on the cost by shopping at various places is going to be eaten up in travel costs.

There is no right or wrong answer, you have to decide each purchase on their own merits.
That takes a lot of time, though, doesn't it? Can't it be better to order online once a month and save on shipping costs by using the quantity of items purchased? Or do the shipping costs change for larger orders? Or is it perhaps better to buy the things here on site? With my first two children I always picked it up at the local supermarket. However, an acquaintance thought that the possibility of online shopping would be much cheaper and for this reason I am not sure what would really be better.

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