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Future SIL acting "different" than normal.

I am married into a large family. Most of them live in other parts of the country, hours away from us. My brother-in-law was married a long time to a wife that dominated him and their children. After many years, he finally got out of the marriage. He started talking to a lady that he had known from childhood. They finally got engaged within the last two years. My husband and I's children adore their 4th Uncle very much. He travels to see us and his mother whom lives in our area once a year and we (my household and mother-in-law) try to travel to see him and my other sibling-in-laws that lives in his area once a year. Within the past few years he has been bringing his finacee with him. When they got engaged, I was excited for another Aunt for my children and another so-to-speak Sister for me. One of my sister-in-laws (aka 1st) that lives in their area and I are very close. I was like this is wonderful because I will have another sister-in-law in that same area when we visit. I love and treat and feel like all my husband's siblings are my birth siblings, too. This past year my BIL 4th bringing his fiancee to visit us and us to travel to visit him have both been different visits. To start off with, she has never met my BIL 5th before. Most of the time that my 5th BIL and I have known each other, he or I give each other a hug and he most of the times gives me a kiss on the head when he leaves my side and sometimes like this time I told him that I love him. My 5th BIL said our goodbyes right in front of 5th's own children, my husband, BIL 4th and 4th Fiancee. BIL 5th is divorced and has children from his marriage to his ex wife. BIL 5th left his wife for a man with man relationship which Future 4th SIL knows about. My 5th BIL left with his children. I needed to use the restroom in my mother-in-law's one bathroom house where 4th and his fiancee were staying for their visit. I find 4th finacee outside the bathroom door when I go to exit it. She says to me, "You know that I love 4th, right?" I studder confused at why she is asking me this. I replied to her, "Yes.". Out of the corner of my eye, I see 4th walking toward us with a look on his face looking directly at her, giving the appearance of someone thinking the thought of "What are you doing?". I walk passed 4th right out to the room that you can see my hubby and MIL in the next room. Well, this same year that she asked me that, we travel to see my 4th BIL which is her fiance, whom he lives with her. My husband and children were outside. 4th was in their main living room with less than 10 feet from her and I. Her and I were sitting in chairs next to each other at a table facing forward where we could see 4th, the TV, and one of the doors that my husband and children were using to go outside. 4th finacee leans over to me and says, "4th and I were joking about having a 3rd partner "game" so to speak". I was thinking to myself, "Why is she making this comment to me?" I know out of 4th's own mouth that he does not like two men together but does not mind two women together. Both her asking the question of "Did you know I love 4th?" and her making the comment about a third partner game both made me feel uneasy and still does make me feel uneasy. I love them both as ONLY my own blood brother and own blood sister. How would you feel if you were in my shoes when she asked me that question at their visit to us and then made the comment to me at our visit to them? HELP!!!! THEN On top of this... (I know! There is more.) 4th found out while they were visiting us that there was a property close by us and my MIL for sale. He seemed to be interested​ in purchasing it as his vacation time home here in the area where we are in. His finanee did not seem happy. Ever since our trip to see them at their area was done for the end of everyone's visits to each other last year, 4th has not chatted with my husband nor I much. I have tried to chat with his fiancee and she can seem nice one minute and agitated/mad the next minute. 4th and I had been bonding closer as a Blood to Blood Brother and Sister relationship ONLY within the past few years. My husband and I use to be able to text 4th back and forth for an hour or more making each other laugh. Now, 4th relationship with my husband, myself, and our children has came down to almost a complete stop and that upsets all of my household because we all love 4th and he is our flesh and blood. The funny thing is that 4th can call my mother-in-law and check up on us but cannot reply to a text from my husband nor I. So what do you think happened to make her (aka 4th's Fiancee) relationship with us and ESPECIALLY 4th's relationship with us drop to almost nothing?

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