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Album: Weight of these Wings, Miranda Lambert

Listening to Miranda Lambert. At high volume.

I did not realize she had this great album (The Weight of these Wings) that was released in 2016, until recently.

To me, it is one of the best albums ever. I love just about every song. Somehow I relate to so many of the songs even though they might not seem to directly relate to my life.

I have suffered great heartbreak over the past year involving one of my children, not my spouse, and her album is a lot about heartbreak.

I’m not a drunk nor do I use drugs or smoke and a lot of her songs seem to have drinking/smoking themes. But still somehow I relate to songs like “Ugly Lights.” It just tells how when your distractions are gone, you have to face so much ugliness. Miranda has been a topic of controversy on the Internet, but I don't care; she is one talented person and I do love her music.
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