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Re: Should I, as a virgin, get intimate with a guy, but not have sex?

What are you on about?,all of us did not condemn you for anything,although there are ways of asking questions of this nature without going into absolute specifics, you can imply and hint,but your inexperience on the matter shows this after being told the posting rules. None of us are allowed to post anything that might be a bit too explicit because it can be read by anyone including children..... most websites will not allow explicit content anyway thats not new.

We actually tried to offer you some genuinely good advice,it seems you didnt like what you were told?, no matter what any of us said you either denied or were not interested in the answer anyway, in actual fact all of us were trying to advise you against being possibly taken advantage of,is that so bad?,because in this world naive inexperienced people get hurt and taken advantage of all the time,thats reality, if a man gets wind of your inexperience,you are prime picking for the lions....maybe you wanted us to tell you to just go for it???....if thats what you want good luck....go for your life, let rip do whatever you want enjoy, you know what you are doing so why ask?......sometimes its good to sit down and listen to people who have been there before you,they might know something you of luck in your fun times.....hope you are safe.

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