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Re: What does DS want from me?

Hi Snafu,

I have tried.. Many times. I have got him work, but, he quits within weeks.. He refuses to go back and study.. I even said I would pay him to go back to school. I run a business and offered him a job, he turned it down..

I support him as he has no money of his own.

I have restricted everything, given him the basic essentials.

I have sat down and talked to him about his life goals... He doesn't have any. I have taken him to meet people and experience difference jobs to find something he likes..

I have threatened him that if he doesn't get his life together and follow the very simple house rules, he can go live with his 3 friends in the 1 br unit they are in if he wants that kind of lifestyle.

It is now 5:40AM and I am still unable to sleep because DS left on his motorbike at 4:00AM. I have to work in 2 hours... I am so tired and worn out from broken sleep.

His washing is still on the floor from 3 weeks ago. I am about to throw it all out.

How else can I get this boy to understand. I have tried talking, counselling, going through his friends to try and get them to understand. I tried having an adult conversation, I have tried laying down the law. I have left notes for him to read when he gets home with tasks I want finished. Problem is when he's not getting to sleep until 7-8 AM and sleeping all day.

I have woken him up but, then I am the worst person in the world and I get spoken to like a piece of dirt, if I am not getting the silent treatment.

I am really at my wits end and ready to change all the locks and bar the windows.
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