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Re: What does DS want from me?

Thanks guys for your reply.

DS told me today that he won't be going to the job I sorted for him. It was more a trial but, the owner was giving him cash for fuel. I asked why and he said that he needed to go to the doctor appointments all week.

I said, "Why are you going to the doctor?"

He said, "I am going to the shrink, after all you are going to kick me out and make me live on the streets."

we had an altercation about him leaving at 4am and waking me up as mentioned in my previous post. I said that he needed to abide by the house rules or he will need to find someone else to live with his life choices. The above comment was all he got out of it.

I just said to him that going to see someone is a good idea and I will be happy to take part in any counselling. Not wanting to give him the reaction he was looking for.

He disregarded this and continued to rant how I wanted to be with "Mr Perfect" (My ex partner).. that he was sorry that he wasn't a good enough son (this is him being sarcastic), finishing it off with, "you expect me to be an adult but, I am only 17".... He is 18 in two weeks!

I said I never expected perfection, I expected someone to find work if he wasn't going to go to school, who would follow house rules and be respectful. No response..

There have been consequences. Maybe I didn't explain that. I do not give him money and have not for at least 4 months. He borrows off his friends. We do not do activities together, I buy the essentials for food not "treats". When I say support, I mean he has somewhere to live etc.

I don't allow friends over. There is his bike, I know I could not allow him to ride, however, I attempted to do this before when he got a ticket for speeding and he refused to give me his key. It nearly got physical, that's how bad it was.

I hope that he includes me in the counselling, otherwise, I can only imagine what DS is going to say.
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