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Re: Did I make a mistake

if you continue with this senseless behavior, your going to end up a very lonely person.....and the only person who would want you are the type of women who love to run around with married men, not to mention, this isn't about's about everyone else connected that you are destroying and yes, you are destroying....

These are not whims, but huge choices that are life changing in a very negative way. to name a few, Your wife, your children, your families, friends put them all in a position where they will have to choose sides....

this is a very selfish act on your part, to not be aware of the hearts of others and the lives you are destroying.

Careless, selfish, narcissistic and unaware of the feelings of others, karma my friend will rear its ugly head.

When you turn someone else's life bad, it will come back to haunt you.

your not a school kid, your a father a husband and so, you need to man up and take responsiblity for what you have done.

and btw, this woman who makes you feel like you've never felt before, hogwash, they all do in the beginning, b/c it's easy in the beginning....true love is compassion and understanding, and willingness to love someone even when its difficult to love them.

you need counseling....and a heart tune up to take a look at all the people around you, whose lives you are effecting in a very negative way, and any woman with any smarts would stay clear of you.

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