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Re: Acquaintances you'd rather not be friends with

Originally Posted by 1dilwhosreal View Post
Now, your friend who wants to take her on as a project...I wouldn't say anything more to her. You've already said what you needed to and she's made it apparent that she won't listen (that's what she means be a calling).
Thanks 1dil. That's good advice; I think you're exactly right. I shouldn't say anything to her.

Originally Posted by 1dilwhosreal View Post
Just be careful that you don't try to overstep boundaries with your desire to save them. You can't; it's up to their parents to get their acts together.
More good advice. I think I have been doing that (overstepping). Not in "parenting", but in always making sure they have snacks after school and adequate water after a game (which, I guess, would be parenting). I need to back off from that.

My kids like their kids just fine, but don't really want to be "best friends" with them. I won't force my kids to be more friendly than they're comfortable being.

Thanks 1dil!

Another thing I'm wondering about... the woman reneged on an agreement we had a couple of weeks ago, leaving me totally high and dry in a difficult situation. (She says often "Anytime I can repay the favor... PLEASE let me know." So once, I let her know and she agreed to help me out. Two days before she was supposed to do this favor for me, she called and said "So what plans do you have about X situation?" Uh... YOU were supposed to handle it? Nope. She "couldn't" because of totally ridiculous, self-centered reason Y.) I had to scramble for help (thank God for REAL friends!!) but I never said a word to her about it. In a way I was very relieved that I was removed from the reciprocal/friendship situation with her. She showed her true colors to me just in time for me to save myself from trusting her.

Should I tell my friend about THAT situation? I let a hint drop one day but my friend didn't pick it up. Ordinarily, I'd tell my friend about it (if it were someone different) but this woman has this victim mentality and I'm pretty sure would have prepped my friend with some falsities which somehow make her look innocent. There is NO WAY I was at any fault here, except to give her that initial benefit of the doubt.

Thanks for the help everyone. I started this thread mostly to see if anyone else had been in a similar situation, and find out how they handled it and what the outcomes were. Didn't mean to dump all of my detailed problems on y'all.
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