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Re: Bank of Snafu

I'm looking for suggestions for multiple things (trying to prepare in advance, just in case)

Item 1
- DS is taking a duel credit class, I got the bill Tues & it was due Fri. I paid it and let ex know I needed his half Sunday (when I pick DS up). In the past ex wanted to treat stuff like this the same way he did medical bills, which were due 30 days after I gave him the receipt.

Item 2
- School pics are next Fri. I told ex I'd need the money Sunday as well - he could write one check (for tuition and pics) if he wanted

Item 3
- DS is section leader for his section in band - that means he's responsible for loading and unloading his sections stuff at events; therefore he can't leave early (like he did last year when his dad had plans). DS told me this. I let ex know and ex tried to ask me why/if DS couldn't leave with him after the events. I repeated that DS is the section leader and he's responsible.

For items 1 and 2, I don't want to float $$ to ex. If he suggests it, would it be appropriate to just say "No" (without JADEing) and repeat as needed.

For item 3 IF ex brings it up again - what is a good way to refer him to the band director. I had to do the same thing last year & it seems that ex wants to triangulate again - rather than talking to her himself.
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