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Re: I need another opinion

Thank you Anndsil and Lucy.

He denied his son for the first year of his life. I know he feels guilt for that and it's trying to make it up to him but, nothing he does will fill that void. My Partner lost his own father when he was 12. I understand and support the fact his son comes first.

My partner believes that when his son doesn't need him anymore than our relationship will move forward hence the car and license. We all know that children will always need us and be in our lives.

Friday nights are my nights to reflect on where my relationship is stalling as we are never together on this night. At last i know he's home.

Lucy, tonight i agree with you. It is all about my partner. I know i can't push him into anything nor do i want to. It is up to me to decide when enough is enough. Like most women, i dont want to admit it.

I appreciate your kind words and yes I've been punished for wanting to be with my partner. That's a first for me.

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