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My Son & daughter-in-law

Hello every one, hope this post finds you all doing well and ready for Spring.

I wonít cherry coat anythingÖ

my son left his wife, about 2 months ago.

It came as a great shock and with great sadness when he told me. It was difficult at firstÖ.like a hole inside.

He didnít get into why or she did this or thatÖ.he just said he couldnít take it any longer and it is an amicable separation and she felt the same way.

He still goes over and takes care of things for the girls at the house, and said he will help them remain there, b/c it is the right thing to do.

He moved into an apartment and spends all his time off with his daughter.

He did say that he and his wife, are getting along fineÖand working well together thru all of this. Of That I am glad.

While they all seem good with what is going on, inwardly it is very hard to take and I donít know why?

I do love her, we made amends, and while it surely wasnít what I wanted, her lead was respected.

I did call to reach out, to tell her, Iím there if she needs me, but she didnít answer and didnít phone backÖwasnít going to mention anything about the separation, just wanted to let her know that I was there for her if need be.

Iím thinking she doesnít want to put me in the middle of things? Whatever her reasons, I understand & do not hold any animosity or anger. Just sad.

Iím sure she felt there was nothing to discussÖand respect that, what could she have said? Not much. Me either. I will miss her.

Trying to remain upbeat and allowing time to heal, but I will sorely miss her and feel bad for all of them.

Their daughter seems also fine with it....they've talked it thru and she is very close to both of them. I'm certain it hurts, but they are both investing great off time with her.

I know she and I didnít see eye to eye, for a long, long time, and we surely had our differences but I still love her and will miss her a great deal.

Time will heal and I know itís all going to work out, but the hard part is knowing she will move onÖoften times (more times than not) wished so much, we could have been closerÖso sad and hard to let go.

It all could be a lot worseÖ.I know there is much he isnít telling me, but itís none of my business and quite frankly I donít want to know. Sometimes I ponder if he is pretending for my sake? 18 years has got to mean something?

Itís just so hard to believe that she will gone from my lifeÖnever to see her again?

Be well! Wishing you all a Happy Easter.

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