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Re: Parents Money and brother

Money is truly the root of all evil....

Yes, it's so nice to have a beautiful home, cars, no need to struggle or work, but what is it all worth, if you don't have yourself...if you don't have confidence, and the knowledge of hard work, and all the hardships that come with not having money?

you get to can carry animosity and jealousy for your brother and his wife, you can go thru life, always wondering how could your parents do that to you, and those feelings can fester and corrode not only your soul, but stagnate you for this journey you are embarking can send you off track, to the point of distrust, anger, envy, and all negativity and you'll grow old, never knowing the full purpose of your journey.

Material things cannot love you, teach you, and give you what you need intellectually....struggles the better person, that you are destined for...actually, you father has done you a favor, by not giving you the money, but he probably doesn't know it. He most likely wanted to hurt you for some reason, and perhaps I'm wrong, but in his desire to do so, he is making you my dear, a much richer human being. Believe it.

Money isn't everything....for certain....there is so much more to much more, beyond your comprehension, in yes, even the struggle of not having money.

You see, we are each and every one of us, on a specific journey, designed just for our individual souls...we can cry over spilled milk, or we can go forward, the way we're supposed to go, into the unknown...struggling to keep up financially, and from those struggles, come great things, if we allow ourselves to view them and learn from them.

Please don't allow this slight glimpse of what your life could be, to deter you for one moment...train your mind to accept it, and move on....never to look back, because in the end, your going to know and experience so many greater things, which money cannot buy.

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